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Interview with Franck Meijboom 'Playing with Genes'

Franck MeijboomShould we breed cows without horns? Are free-range chickens actually good for the environment? When it comes to ethical issues – especially food-related ones – there are no simple yes or no answers. This became abundantly clear to alumnus and Associate Professor Franck Meijboom over the course of his research on livestock gene editing.

In addition to expressing our individual preferences, our dietary choices have a social, ethical and ecological impact. One thing is abundantly clear, as Meijboom explains: integrated collaboration will be crucial in future if we aim to produce enough food without harming the environment. No one-issue debates. 'If you exclusively focus on animal rights, you may lose sight of the food safety and environmental aspects. Making sure we take all those aspects into account is the most important ethical issue when it comes to food, alongside distribution and waste. In other words, how can we ensure more sustainable and animal-friendly production methods while respecting individual freedom of choice?

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